Welcome to our Manifesto…
It will give you a feel for who we are.
It will show you what gets us out of bed.
And it will provide you with a glimpse of what it’s like to work with us.

  • For the Challengers
    For the Challengers

    We are a boutique advisory firm; crafting the best deals, representing the best brands, people and businesses in the Consumer sector.

    The brands that are shaking things up, taking on the big boys and doing things differently. The Founders that have made the leap, taken a risk and put it all on the line to build something special.

    The Challengers!

    We work with them side by side. Understanding their needs, becoming part of their team, transforming their fortunes.

  • M.O.

    We don’t play the volume game. We don’t roll deals off the conveyor belt.

    We take on a small number of mandates. And provide our clients with outstanding service.

    Don’t believe us? Ask them.

    We pick, choose and go after the very best businesses. Relentless in our pursuit to deliver the very best outcomes.

    We take our time to think through all the scenarios, work every angle, putting in the hard yards and the long hours.

    It’s why you’ll see us all over the small print, obsessed about our clients’ interests, devoted to delivering their dream deal.

    And just like our clients, we are also building a business. We are also taking on the big boys.

    We are also a Challenger Brand!

  • Difference

    We’re not like other advisors.

    We don’t look like them, we don’t talk like them, we don’t act like them.

    And we’re not here to just bank fees.

    We’re here to change the way the advisory world works. One deal at a time.

    To put clients first, always!

    Why? Because we believe there is only one way to do business. The right way!

  • Mission

    We’ve experienced the pressure, pain and privilege of being on the front line.

    As the Founder, the Investor and the Operator.

    And so everything we do is done with resolve, reason and respect.

    Our mission?

    To become the most trusted, most desirable destination for Challenger Brands by providing a results driven service in an ethical, environmental and socially responsible way.

    And if Carlsberg did corporate finance firms… it would be Tamweel!

Like what you see? Then what’s stopping you!