Series Trailer – if you’re new to Challenger Chats.

Challenger Chats, hosted by Adam Spencer, is a series of no holds barred conversations with the business leaders and Founders of some of the UK’s hottest consumer facing brands. Adam will pop the hood and look under the bonnet to see what makes these businesses tick, what drives its people and what life is like behind the wheel of a Challenger Brand.

This trailer touches on who we are, the kind of leaders you’ll be hearing from in this series and what we’ll be discussing on Challenger Chats. We’ll be getting people to open up, telling us about the road blocks they’ve encountered, what causes them to lose sleep at night and what they love, and hate, about today’s consumer.

Challenger Chats is powered by Tamweel, an M&A and Private Equity deal doing business that specialises in advising the UK’s best and brightest Challenger Brands.