A conversation with Matt Grech-Smith, co-founder of Swingers, one of the movers and shakers in the world of Competitive Socialising. We talk about the meteoric rise of the Swingers brand, why they think they’ll succeed in the US where others have failed, Matt’s experience of raising capital from Cain International, and why a big plate of pasta just before an investor pitch should always be followed by a double espresso…

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In this third episode of Challenger Chats our host Adam Spencer is joined by Matt Grech-Smith, co-founder and co-CEO of Swingers, one of the pioneers in the world of Competitive Socialising. Swingers takes large venues in city centres and transforms them into immersive experiences, combining “grown up” crazy golf, with amazing cocktails whilst you play and food created by exciting, up and coming restauranteurs.

With two venues open in Central London and a growing site pipeline in the USA, Matt and his co-founder Jeremy Simmonds raised capital from Cain International in 2018 to fund growth and expansion. We touch on this fundraising story, and also explore the development of the Swingers concept, management’s discerning use of technology to complement the guest experience, and how Matt believes Swingers is well suited for US audiences.