A conversation with Joan Murphy, co-founder of fitness and lifestyle brand Frame. We talk about Joan’s whirlwind experience of raising capital from Piper, the perils of social media, the need for authenticity when building a brand and regular old chit chat about babies, boardrooms and pole vaulting (as you do)!


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In this second episode of Challenger Chats our host Adam Spencer is joined by Joan Murphy, co-founder of Frame, a fitness and lifestyle brand that delivers in person group exercise classes from its collection of Central London sites, as well as a recently launched digital fitness solution, streaming over 130 live classes a week to its customers, or “Framers”…

Joan re-wrote the fitness rule book; replacing rigid and long term gym memberships with a more flexible, more accessible, pay as you go format. Allowing its Framers the opportunity to enjoy a wide variety of group exercise classes in a feel good, no judgement environment. This lady is on a mission… to put the fun back into fitness.

In 2017 Joan raised capital from Piper, one of the UK’s leading brand-led investors, to drive growth and expansion. We dive into this story which includes our first baby in a boardroom, and explore brand authenticity, maintaining a sense of community with an omnichannel offering and shifting consumer behaviour, fitness and wellbeing needs in a post-Covid world.